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You may think of yourself as older, assuming as many people do, that weightlifting won’t make much of a difference anymore. Doctors note that physical activity tends to decline with age. People over 50 start exercising less frequently and less vigorously. It is easy to understand why: The body is not all it used to be, and trying to keep up the energy and power of your younger years, or even the specimen you were when you were 20, can be discouraging. But consider weightlifting, the benefits of successful weightlifting are plain to see and quick to make themselves known.

At first glance, nothing could seem simpler than lifting weights. Up. Down. Up. Down. It’s rudimentary nearly to the point of simplicity in its apparent lack of complexity. But we know there is more to it.

Weightlifting for Older Individuals

The variables include position, speed of movement, how often you do it, how intense it is, how long you draw things out… excuse me, we’re talking about weights here. Weight lifting, more properly defined as resistance training, in which muscles are called on to work against a resisting force, isn’t difficult, but there are some subtleties to be aware of if you are going to be successful with it.

There are some key issues to pay close attention to when deciding on a weightlifting program. Here are some Peak Points:

  • Don’t compare yourself to any other person of any age. Work within your own personal parameters.
  • Re-examine your feelings about physical exertion. Adjust your attitudes.
  • Maintain vitality indefinitely by keeping up a regular schedule of vigorous workouts.
  • Due to your age, offset changes by eating more nutrient-dense foods. Modify any weightlifting to avoid potential injury.

The fact is, all that’s required is that your weightlifting program be challenging for you as you exist now. The goal is not to regain past fitness levels, but to sustain and improve upon your current condition. There’s an elegance of design at work here in which your body’s needs are paralleled by your body’s abilities.

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