Steps Towards Finding a Suitable Real Estate Attorney in Jakarta

Do you want to sell or buy property? If yes, you need to start by finding a suitable real estate attorney in Jakarta. This is a sensitive task that needs serious deliberations. You should start by finding out the rates. At this point you need to know exactly what role you expect the attorney to play in your transaction. Once you have done this, you should follow these steps to get a suitable candidate.

  • Ask for referrals from people you know
  • Consider volunteer lawyers
  • Screen all potential candidates thoroughly
  • Compare success rates and the charges

Real Estate Attorney in Jakarta

Referrals from Friends and Family

Statistics show that many people prefer dealing with attorneys they meet through trusted friends and family. If you have a friend who has had a similar case in the past, they can easily introduce you to an attorney who has a good track record in handling similar cases. It is however important to make sure you also exercise caution; screen the lawyer in your own ways to make sure they meet your expectations.

Consider Volunteer Attorneys in Jakarta

Legal services cost some money. If you do not want to spend too much on the transaction, you can opt for volunteers. Volunteer lawyers always charge about half of the real fees charged by their ordinary counterparts. You must however make sure the volunteer in question has a good understanding of the tax laws and any other legal requirements necessary for concluding such transactions.

Short-List Candidates and Screen Them Thoroughly

Jakarta has very many real estate attorneys and chances are that you will end up with many options to choose from. Once you do this, the screening process should begin. During this process, you need to consider competency, the rates charged as well as the experience that each Jakarta lawyer can bring to your aid. Talking to many clients as well as lawyers is a good way of finding out exactly how much a lawyer should charge for the task at hand.

You need to look at the work history of the lawyers you short-list with the aim of getting the ones that show a high success rate and familiarity in handling real estate matters. Considering the numerous tax laws that you need to adhere to when sealing a land deal, it is vital to make sure you have an attorney who has mastered these laws. This should reduce the risk of overlooking any important clauses that could later ruin your transaction.

Compare the Charges from Different Real Estate Attorneys in Jakarta

Once you have a few law firms or private lawyers in mind, you should look for a candidate that handles many land dealings because they stand a better chance of representing your interests well. You also need to make sure you do not pay exorbitant rates by comparing the charges from different lawyers before picking on one. Lawyers who are affiliated to large firms are better in many cases because they have access to more resources as well as opinions from among other members. They can easily get more information whenever it is necessary to do so.

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